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What is a Postpartum Doula?

A postpartum doulas main aim is to be there for the mum in a range of ways to support her emotionally and practically after her baby is born.  It is a privilege to be part of this.

Postpartum doulas become part of the 'village' of support that you need to help in those early days and months of parenting.  In a big city like Sydney, trying to create a 'modern day village of support' can sometimes feel daunting.   A postpartum doula is here to help with that sometimes overwhelming feeling.  They work with first-time mums and sixth-time mums!   The hazy 'daze' of parenting a newborn can feel the same to all - whether you have children already or not.

The range of services I offer as a postpartum doula offers can be vast.  Narrowing down what is a priority for you is something that can be decided upon together when we first meet.

Some of the key aspects to the role are:

  • someone to listen and be a companion through some of the challenges (this can include a foot rub at the same time if needed!)

  • making sure you are looked after, hydrated, fed, warm and feeling supported

  • breastfeeding options and techniques

  • helping understand normal biological infant sleep, suggesting gentle sleep techniques and ideas

  • debriefing of the birth with both mum and dad

  • light housework and meal preparation

  • tips for bonding with your baby

  • support at appointments and health visits

  • helping you build your new 'village' of support around you

  • referrals and links to other resources as and when needed

  • holding your baby while you shower, bath or just sleep!

  • being non-judgmental and supportive 

  • and much more...


Having a postpartum doula, whether you have family close by you or not, is a benefit.  Having someone who is one hundred percent for you, with that additional knowledge along with access to various resources, empowers you on your parenting journey.  My role is to give you all the support and information you need to help you make informed choices and to encourage you along the way.

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