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Other Helpful Resources

Mums and new parents need a whole village of support and the following links and contacts can help build yours.


Doula Network Australia Directory (you can view many birth and postnatal doulas -you can find me here!) -

Specific doulas I work with: Aimee Taaffe: Nurturing Nest (birth and postpartum doula) -

Amanda Bernstein: Essential Me Birth Doula Services (birth and postpartum doula) -

Australian Breastfeeding Association (breastfeeding support 24 hours & local groups)

Dr Jack Newman: International Breastfeeding Centre (one of the worlds renowned top breastfeeding experts)

The Gidget Foundation (supporting the emotional well being of expectant and new parents) -

Vivid Chiropractic Hornsby (works with pregnant women and babies once born for optimum spinal and neck health) -

Dr Megan Chircop: Body Sculptors Australia (personalised nutrition whilst pregnant and after having your baby) -

Little Sparklers (supporting the education and normalising of normal biological sleep for babies and toddlers)

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