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About Me

I am a mum of two daughters and I have eleven nieces and nephews and three godchildren.   I wanted to be a mum for a long time before my husband and I finally conceived our first child - our little miracle.   I could not wait to hold my baby in my arms.  Like many mums I focused mainly on the birth of my baby, which is very important.  I spent a lot less time thinking about how I would feel about or cope with my new role as a mum.


After holding down a successful job I could not believe how difficult being a mum was.  I had little support from family as they lived a long distance away and came to rely heavily on my husband who had limited paternity leave.    At times it was lonely and isolating and I felt very vulnerable.   I eventually cobbled together 'my village' of friends and some health professionals but it wasn't always the support I wanted or needed despite best intentions. 


When I discovered there was an amazing role called a postpartum doula, well after having my second child, I knew this was something I wanted to find out more about and trained with Nurturing Birth in the UK.  I had already trained as a breastfeeding peer supporter and this built on the knowledge and support I could provide mums.  I then ran a service in the UK called Expectancy offering childbirth education and postnatal support and I loved it.  I love empowering mums in their new role and watching them flourish in confidence and learning. 


My goal is to support mums fall in love with their babies and nurture and support them as they do this.   I am based in Thornleigh, Sydney and travel up to 1 hour in any direction.  I cover the North Shore, North Sydney, Inner West, the Northern Beaches, the Hills district, across to Parramatta and as far as Brooklyn. 

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